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Packaging Guide

7. Uploading a package

Once your merge proposal is reviewed and approved, you will want to upload your package, either to the archive (if you have permission) or to your Personal Package Archive (PPA). You might also want to do an upload if you are sponsoring someone else’s changes.

7.1. Uploading a change made by you

When you have a branch with a change that you would like to upload you need to get that change back on to the main source branch, build a source package, and then upload it.

First, you need to check that you have the latest version of the package in your checkout of the development package trunk:

$ cd tomboy/tomboy.dev
$ bzr pull

This pulls in any changes that may have been committed while you were working on your fix. From here, you have several options. If the changes on the trunk are large and you feel should be tested along with your change you can merge them into your bug fix branch and test there. If not, then you can carry on merging your bug fix branch into the development trunk branch. As of bzr 2.5 and bzr-builddeb 2.8.1, this works with just the standard merge command:

$ bzr merge ../bug-12345

For older versions of bzr, you can use the merge-package command instead:

$ bzr merge-package ../bug-12345

This will merge the two trees, possibly producing conflicts, which you’ll need to resolve manually.

Next you should make sure the debian/changelog is as you would like, with the correct distribution, version number, etc.

Once that is done you should review the change you are about to commit with bzr diff. This should show you the same changes as a debdiff would before you upload the source package.

The next step is to build and test the modified source package as you normally would:

$ bzr builddeb -S

When you’re finally happy with your branch, make sure you’ve committed all your changes, then tag the branch with the changelog’s version number. The bzr tag command will do this for you automatically when given no arguments:

$ bzr tag

This tag will tell the package importer that what is in the Bazaar branch is the same as in the archive.

Now you can push the changes back to Launchpad:

$ bzr push ubuntu:tomboy

(Change the destination if you are uploading an SRU or similar.)

You need one last step to get your changes uploaded into Ubuntu or your PPA; you need to dput the source package to the appropriate location. For example, if you want to upload your changes to your PPA, you’d do:

$ dput ppa:imasponsor/myppa tomboy_1.5.2-1ubuntu5_source.changes

or, if you have permission to upload to the primary archive:

$ dput tomboy_1.5.2-1ubuntu5_source.changes

You are now free to delete your feature branch, as it is merged, and can be re-downloaded from Launchpad if needed.

7.2. Sponsoring a change

Sponsoring someone else’s change is just like the above procedure, but instead of merging from a branch you created, you merge from the branch in the merge proposal:

$ bzr merge lp:~subgenius/ubuntu/trusty/tomboy/bug-12345

If there are lots of merge conflicts you would probably want to ask the contributor to fix them up. See the next section to learn how to cancel a pending merge.

But if the changes look good, commit and then follow the rest of the uploading process:

$ bzr commit --author "Bob Dobbs <subgenius@example.com>"

7.3. Canceling an upload

At any time before you dput the source package you can decide to cancel an upload and revert the changes:

$ bzr revert

You can do this if you notice something needs more work, or if you would like to ask the contributor to fix up conflicts when sponsoring something.

7.4. Sponsoring something and making your own changes

If you are going to sponsor someone’s work, but you would like to roll it up with some changes of your own then you can merge their work in to a separate branch first.

If you already have a branch where you are working on the package and you would like to include their changes, then simply run the bzr merge from that branch, instead of the checkout of the development package. You can then make the changes and commit, and then carry on with your changes to the package.

If you don’t have an existing branch, but you know you would like to make changes based on what the contributor provides then you should start by grabbing their branch:

$ bzr branch lp:~subgenius/ubuntu/trusty/tomboy/bug-12345

then work in this new branch, and then merge it in to the main one and upload as if it was your own work. The contributor will still be mentioned in the changelog, and Bazaar will correctly attribute the changes they made to them.